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We’ve identified the bottlenecks to moving people and goods around our region. It’s time to collectively address how to remove them and prepare for the future of transportation.

Transportation is the Board’s longest-running advocacy file. The smooth movement of people and goods is critical to the Toronto region’s recognition as a global champion. Our 3rd Annual Transportation Summit brought together the movement of people, goods and the future of transportation.

Through insights, discussion and discourse, we explored: how the Region’s Transportation Plan 2.0 stands to benefit commuters and business; the delineation of projects ─ what is and is not included, roles and responsibilities between Metrolinx and the Canadian Infrastructure Bank; how to remove the bottlenecks preventing our goods from efficiently landing in stores; and, how we can build for the future with the last mile of transit and data and citizen centric transportation.

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The Board's summit model has a proven track-record of bringing together a high calibre of participants from prominent (global and local) business leaders to influential policy makers from all levels of government, as well as city-builders, leading academics and thought leaders. The Board carefully curates its summits to ensure transformative dialogues leading to tangible action.